Please carefully read this section,a story may reflect your own situation.

Mrs. E

I recently purchased a 2 month supply of cannabis oil for my mother who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and is also recovering from bowel, stomach and rectum cancer. She has just finished her 2 month supply and for the first time in years she has experienced a period free of pain. Her joints have not become aggravated or swollen within the 2 months and most importantly, she feels that her energy levels are as high as her pre cancer diagnosis. I would whole heartedly recommend cannabis oil to anyone who is suffering from cancer or chronic pain. I would of been a little sceptical prior to purchasing it, but I have seen the results it has brought my mother first hand. It,s a natural remedy that must be tried and not ignored.



Mr T

Mr T was suffering with sever pains in his anus. He was diagnosed with anal sarcoma cancer and was quickly put on an intense chemo treatment. Throughout the treatment, his level of pain did not decrease and was combined with lack of appetite and inability to achieve sound sleep which contributed to further discomfort.

Mr T had no interest in cannabis in any way shape or form. He is a religious man who’s faith was in god. He was skeptical about cannabis and was initially reluctant to try it.

On an average night, Mr. T would need to visit the bathroom multiple times and could not achieve any relief nor rest with sleep. With his son’s perseverance he convinced Mr. T to try cannabis oil.

The reaction was outstanding. In the 1st night he managed an 8 hour sleep and awoke with a hunger. He continued with a small amount, .25 grams, ingested daily and continued to progress.

Following the chemotherapy, the doctors had informed Mr. T that he may have to live with a colostomy bag as his digestive system had been so damaged by the cancer and the chemo. This is quite usual for those suffering sarcoma cancer. The doctors had proposed to delay the installation of the colostomy bag for 1 month.

At this stage, the team suggested to Mr. T to take the cannabis oil in the form of a suppository, rather than oral  ingestion, to see if the oil could have a more positive effect. The dosage was increased to .5 grams daily to be taken daily for the 1st week and then 1 gram daily for the following 3 weeks.

The results were again outstanding. Not only was Mr. T entirely clean from cancer, there was no longer a need for the colostomy bag.

Mr. T continues to eat, sleep and live well. He is extremely grateful to have been given this cannabis oil to find not just relief but that it has contributed to his recovery. He continues to take cannabis oil ( only 1 gram per month )  suppository but in a much reduced manner to keep all cancers at bay.


Mr D

After being tired of his back pains, he decided to go and get it looked at.

Going in with a back pain and leaving with stage 4 cancer is not what he expected.

Left feeling confused, shocked and not knowing what to do. Doctor’s were unsure if even chemo would work.

His liver was covered in tumors, chest and lymph nodes.

Through friends and family they sourced there own oil to take. Because of there uncertainty with both the oil and his well being. A choice was made to take oil whilst not doing chemo and to stop the oil whilst on chemo.

Sticking with the doubling method of every 4/5 days. Mr D slowly increased his oil intake. As the oil dose went further, so did the days of the year.

Starting with a CEA test reading of 2659. ( normal reading should be 0 )

120 ml oil taken

9 months on.

CEA reads below 20.

Whilst been told this story, one can only feel sickened that cannabis is illegal.

With this life changing time, Mr D has not only reduced his tumors and cancer levels, but clearly realized there is a cure for cancer and by golly he appreciates it.

Please let us all know when you get that happy news.

Take care.

CBD Ireland