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Shops in dublin and many others around the world are trying to sell a product claiming its legal, US made, meets E.U legislation.

This product is illegal here and really is not that great at all, again your only profiting these people.



If you read the label it say,s. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Grown in Europe. Manufactured in USA.

This cannot be correct ( Please correct me if i am wrong here )

In America, because we do deal with medical companies all around the world. Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp and all it’s derivatives are Schedule 1 drugs there. This means by no means can they import or export any form of cannabis.

In E.U. To obtain a hemp permit. All usage for the products must be listed. All producers, end buyers and anything to do with the product must be listed. Making CBD oils, extracts, some types of tea’s.  All illegal.

Now by buying this product and thinking it will cure you, sorry to say. It probably will not.

CBD in its pure or raw state is not good enough to cure or work alone. Again as CBD Crew and trying to teach us, THC and CBD are needed together to fight and combat diseases.

Having CBD is like owning a can of petrol, but you have not got a car. It will not work.!!

Cannabis in all it’s true glory, this is the medicine. You need more than 1 part, you, we and they need it all.

We do not intend to always be negative towards products, but products like this are only intended to profit the rich or the unkind.