Cannabis Medicine:

Well, what is it.?

The best answer is…. ENDLESS

Whether you are making a tea or a cream or even rolling something.

Depending on your ailment, cannabis should work on your body in many, many ways.


Cannabis Oil:

This is the process whereby the dried plant material is striped down with a                                   high proof alcohol or any other good quality solvent.                                                              Iso-Propanol is more commonly used.

This liquid then contains the much needed cannabinoids which are now suspended in the alcohol.


Then once this process is completed.                                                                                                        The alcohol must be boiled off in order to collect the oil.                                                                        If done with care, the alcohol can be re-claimed through recollection systems.                            Better for the world my friends.

The oil should ALWAYS be some shade of brown, whether its golden,                                                translucent brown or dark brown.

Once the oil is not GREEN or BLACK.                                                                                                                  (to test color, put some on clear plastic to view in light)


** Please note the top sample is dark green or nearly black.                                                                This is not good at all.                Sample Oils                                                                                                                                                                                           For a multitude of reasons, you should never take anything that is this color.                              It will have either too much Alcohol, Chlorophyll, Bug Poo, Nutrient                                                 and or a lot of unwanted foreign items.                                                                                                           The bottom sample, clearly a few trace elements of alcohol.                                                             Easily boiled off.

Oil Pot

The tiny bubbles you can see are the trace evidence of alcohol.                                                           Gentle heating removes this.

Thc/Cbd Oils

This is a THC rich oil and a CBD rich oil. You can clearly see the difference between the two. The lighter golden color is THC and the dark brown is CBD, clear evidence that both chemical compounds are slightly different.                                                                                                   Through chemistry and science all this can be achieved easily.

CBD Pot Oil

CBD rich oil.

Oil Pot CBD Pot Oil

Both fall into the golden or brown category, but each with there own unique look and color.



Salve/creams have been made for centuries by doctors, pharmacists and                             even people in there own homes.

There is not much mystery to it. The key elements are time, care, hygiene and                            a passion for a top quality medicine.

Depending on your needs, most creams are made through a slow cooking process.             By doing this, it allows the much needed essential oils to be slowly added                                     to the boiling water/oil solution.                                                                                                                       Over a short time the essential oils will have been broken down                                                         and are ready for the next stage.

Water and Oil do not mix well. So over a day or so in a cold fridge,                                                     the water and oil will begin to separate.

Oil Seperation

The next process brings the cream to a finish.



One Cannabis Cream.



Sativa Y Mouth Spray:

This would be used to treat or alleviate

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscle Spasm


By removing the essential oils only and adding them to a spray bottle.                                          This can be used  when thinned out, to a daily dose for every day use,                                             or as a needed medicine.                                                                                                                                        Beat the big pharma.