Letter to Government

Please copy this and post it to your local Government


To the Minister for Health, Justice or Agriculture

Dear Minister’s.

With the growing number of cancer victims and patients alike with severe or life threatening diseases.
Don’t you think it’s time for change. The world is seeing first-hand what cannabis can do in order to cure and prevent.

Cancer and Tumor reduction
Rectal cancer
Neurological disorders
Multiple Sclerosis

The list is ongoing and seems to be getting bigger. America who started prohibition has nearly made it legal in half its states. Portugal decriminalised it, Holland the same. The crime rate or drug abuse is far less than other EU states. Can we not see sense and make it legal so people may use it in order to heal and help.

If the Government are unsure of what to do.? Maybe ask the people of this great country.?

Alcohol has killed far more people Worldwide than any other drug..! FACT

Please, there are so many people that can benefit greatly from your just actions, lets legalise cannabis today. If not for Economic reasons, but for the greater good of humanity. People deserve more from life, this is an easy one.

Allow each person the right to grow up to 10 plants.
Allow a Dispensary grow up to 100 plants and hold stock for medicine supplies
Allow a farmer to grow 1000 /10000 plants in order to meet commercial demand
Allow Coffee Shops to provide a safe and friendly environment for customers so they no longer have to be scared in there own homes because there choice in life is deemed illegal.

Cannabis users are not criminals. If anything they are the most polite, friendly , good natured people.
Caring should not be a crime, free choice should not be a crime, taking cannabis medicine should not be a crime.

By legalising this plant would help release much needed resources i.e. Law enforcement
Most officers don’t see cannabis as a crime, yet it seems to take up a lot of their time and the same for court rooms.

If all these were done in conjunction with local law and government officials, it could be easily resolved.

Let’s make change for the better through re-learning in a modern time. CANNABIS is safe.