Top CBD Strains

Its always hard to know what is best to use in order to cure

CBD Crew logo   So simply we shall share it with you….

CBD Critical Mass                     THC 5.49%   CBD 8.13%   CBN 0.02%   CBG N/F

CBD Sweet & Sour Widow    THC 8.31%   CBD 10.47%   CBN 0.02%   CBG 0.12%

CBD Nordle                                 THC 6.43%   CBD 8.97%   CBN N/F   CBG 0.13%

CBD Indica Mix                           THC 6.82%   CBD 11.6%   CBN 0.03%   CBG 0.12%

CBD Shark Shock                      THC 6.33%   CBD 7.28%   CBN 0.09%   CBG 0.11%

CBD Skunk Haze                        THC 12.5%   CBD 11.12%    CBN N/F   CBG 0.19%

CBD Yummy                                 THC 8.09%   CBD 9.01%   CBN N/F   CBG 0.08%

CBD Medi Haze                           THC  4.7%   CBD 8.9%

CBD Mango Haze                        THC 5.8%   CBD 7.8%

This is the Original CBD seed company, if you look at there ethos and from our point of view. This is the only company that seems to care. They provide Lab results, Testimonials and best of all, Worthwhile strains.

This is Medicine

Please, if you are a seed company and you would like us to advertise your strains.                     Contact the CBD Ireland Care Team,

but PLEASE note. We will only do so if Lab Results come with them.